Our Story


My name is Tandy and a very warm welcome to Beloved Co, the home of beautiful, personalised gifts and timeless keepsakes. We are a family-owned business and I’m supported by the most amazing husband and 3 beautiful little kids.

As a child, I remember being fascinated by my mother’s precious treasures that took pride of place (and still do) around my parent’s home. These precious keepsakes are symbols of love from dear friends and family over the years. It’s wonderful to look back and realise how those gifts formed such an integral part of my childhood memories of home.  I have always been amazed by the power that thoughtful gifts must create memories that last a lifetime.

Gifting is my love language and I take great pleasure in both giving and receiving gifts. It is an especially great joy for me to personalise so many of our customers' gifts. I know it is a beautiful display of how the recipient was thought of by name. We have sourced some truly lovely products customised to suit that special person.

Being a mummy to 3 young kids, I am only too aware that the years go by quickly and little one do not remain little for long. It is my joy to collect little reminders of the early years which go by far too quickly. Our beautiful  memory cases can be used as a time capsule for all the special keepsakes from the most memorable moments of their lives. Our products can be curated to make custom gift hampers that can be used for several special occasions such a baby showers, new baby gifts, birthdays, christening, baptisms, Christmas gifts or just because.

Our large range of personalised products gives our customers the opportunity to add that unique touch and send a heartfelt gift that the recipient would not ordinarily buy for themselves.

We look forward to creating a special gift that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Tandy x